Luggage and Service

Baggage rules

The baggage allowance for FlyCar flights for baggage is max. 20 kg plus one piece of cabin / hand luggage with max. 5 kg. Other baggage allowances are deposited on the ticket. The number of checked baggage items is not limited on FlyCar flights, as long as the weight is complied and according to the baggage allowance limit.

Cabin / hand luggage on FlyCar flights

To ensure even greater comfort for all travelers, the cabin / hand luggage was limited to one piece of luggage per person.

Sport / Excess Baggage

One piece of sports equipment per person can be additionally checked-in free of charge, but only after registration. The registration has to be made in advance via the form for declaration of non-objection. This only applies for flights with TUIFly. Other airlines will charge approx. € 49,50 per way.

Excess baggage

If the total weight of the luggage is more than 20 kg per person, you may request additional luggage. The additional baggage charge will be invoiced separately at € 10,00 per kilo unless otherwise agreed in the contract. The weight of a single piece of luggage must not exceed 30 kg.

We kindly ask all travelers to give up their luggage unless it is necessary during the flight.

Further information, regulations and checklists for your luggage can be found here for flights with TUIfly.

The table of the IATA dangerous goods regulations valid from 01.01.2017 is free for download as pdf file (please click).

The FlyCar team is also happy to answer any questions you may have.