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+ + + UPDATE: Sweden requires test upon entry + + +

Please note the following important information as a matter of urgency:

The Swedish government will require proof of a negative Covid-19 test, which must not be older than 48 hours, when entering Sweden from February 6, 2021 onwards. The operating airline Condor, as well as we as FlyCar GmbH, are therefore obliged to check whether such a negative test is available upon departure from Germany and unfortunately have to refuse transportation onto Arvidsjaur without submitting the negative Covid-19 test result.

For our passengers from Frankfurt-Hahn we offer the possibility of a antigen rapid test on Monday conducted by our own test team. This test is 49,-€ per person and is payable on site by credit card. We ask for your understanding that if the test result is positive, no transportation can take place. Information regarding the test options at Munich Airport can be found at

We regret this short-term inconvenience, which unfortunately is beyond our control, and look forward to welcoming you on our flight to Arvidsjaur on February 8, 2021!

Your FlyCar team

It doesn't matter what's in front of you ... if you know who's standing behind you!

After another turbulent winter season 2020/2021, which has been marked by ever-changing conditions, the FlyCar team would like to take this opportunity to express its sincere thanks for the cooperation and trust of all business partners, cooperation partners, friends and supporters. Even in these challenging times, we were able to experience what it means to work together towards a goal and to work out appropriate solutions on impassable paths.

And we are sure that as a strong team we will also overcome the future hurdles ... especially if you continue to stand behind us! The FlyCar team will continue to do everything possible to shape the future and we look forward to seeing you again in the winter of 2021/2022 - until then the motto remains: #stayhealthy – take care!

Kind regards,
the FlyCar team



At the moment everyone is talking about: "Distance is the new decency." That is why peaceful, natural destinations like Swedish Lapland, in which there are at the moment significantly fewer Corona cases thanks to a sparse population and an exposed location away from the streams of visitors, are becoming more and more interesting right now. Because they enable visitors to enjoy a relaxed trip, without overload and unnecessary contacts. In addition, as FlyCar GmbH - thanks to our own charter flights - we can guarantee a binding arrival and departure. In the following, we would like to familiarize you with our travel offers and our experience as a destination expert, so that you and your customers can board our planes with a clear conscience and a feeling of security. Come with us and discover Europe's last wilderness!


Trust is the central credo for FlyCar GmbH. An open and clear communication with all partners involved is of enormous importance, especially in the current situation. That is why the state-mandated hygiene and safety standards as communicated by our partner airlines also apply on FlyCar flights. In addition, local instructions from the foreign governments are stricktly followed. Moreover the flight crew is doing their best to dispel the concerns of our passengers on board. At the destination airports, we are also trying to establish options for organized arrival and departure procedures through early preparations and close cooperation with the local authorities. Various scenarios are run through and evaluated in order to allow a structured flight service in Lapland. Only in this way travelers can be given a safe travel experience.


On November 8th, 2020, among other countries, Sweden has been classified as a so-called Corona risk area by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany for an indefinite period. Associated with this is a travel warning for tourist trips to Sweden. Regarding this background, it is important to know that a travel warning is not to be equated with a travel ban, because the entry to Sweden is still possible without any restrictions* and upon return to Germany - after a 5-day quarantine - a Corona test can be carried out. In other words, touristic travels are still possible under the above described conditions. Especially in Sweden we hope for a positive development as the population desity is subject to a strong south-north divide, which means that the South of the country is much higher populated than the rural North, which we offer as a travel destination. So lets cross our fingers, that the situation in Swedish Lapland / Northern Sweden will relax more quickly than in other touristic hotspots.


We are still there for you! Tell us your holiday wishes and we will create a tailor-made "allround carefree package" for your personal winter fairy tale in the eternal arctic ice. The unique FlyCar products include not only a relaxed flight but also adventurous activities such as fast snowmobile safaris, nature-loving dog sledding tours or a breathtaking icebreaker trip through the frozen Baltic Sea. Limited group sizes and the spaciousness of the facilities make it easy to keep the distance. In addition, our team can help with hotel selection and transfer booking, making sure that all services are perfectly coordinated at the start of your journey. Last but not least, our FlyCar "Homecoming" guarantee offers travellers the opportunity to start and end your journey carefree, especially with regard to the possibility of novadays short-term changes in travel. Our team is available to answer your questions - before, during and after your trip - contact us here!

* Applies to citizens of the EU, Switzerland, their family members and holders of EU residence permits.

About us...

What started with a couple of flight connections from two German airports to Arvidsjaur in winter season 1998/1999, has until now developed into an internationally operating charter flight company with a great tradition. No matter if it’s guests from the car testing industry, driving experiences or winter tourism, FlyCar is your trusted partner for individual flight requests ex/to Scandinavia.

A direct connection to the arctic circle

The history of FlyCar started in 1997, when engineers and mechanics from leading German automotive companies met at a round table in Frankfurt/Main airport. The central focus of the meeting was a presentation about a direct flight connection from Germany to the Scandinavian winter test tracks far up north in Swedish Lapland. Approximately 50 authorities were listening to the ideas of the FlyCar board members at this point. The audience realized quickly, that this flight connection was the solution for the transportation problem the automotive industry was suffering from. As regular flight connections via Stockholm often took more than 48 hours, thanks to the direct flight connections offered by FlyCar, the travelling time required was reduced to approx. 3 hours, which means to be highly resource-saving.

Winter is our passion

With a 20-year-experience in aviation, we as FlyCar, offer holistic customer support – beginning with individual consulting and tailor-made quotations. Besides a distinctive service manner, we also place great value on personal contact with our clients. The development of new product ideas, new target groups and new sales channels in coordination with all partners is also of great importance, but above all, our guideline has always been and will always be to offer safe and on-time services.

20 years of FlyCar – time to say THANK YOU

The company FlyCar today looks back on two decades of moving corporate history. Like in every good story, there where ups and downs. Therefore, it’s time to thank all companions, supporters, cooperation partners and friends, who made their ways side by side with us. Here's to 20 more years of successful cooperation!

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Sweden decides to test upon entry

When entering Sweden, you are required to present a negative Covid-19 test from February 6 to March 31, 2021, which must be a maximum of 48 hours old. more


"WE CARE" Hygiene Concept

Guaranteed low-contact travels incl. optional luggage service, quick test facility and free hygiene kit on board the FlyCar flights to Swedish Lapland. more