Excess baggage

Information about excess baggage and freight

For excess baggage or freight as normal payload on our scheduled flights on Monday and Friday from and to Arvidsjaur, you will need to fill in the form for declaration of non-objection for anything that is not private luggage.

Without this form, the baggage will be despatched for security reasons at the airport. The calculation of freight will be invoiced separately at € 6,00 per kilo, unless otherwise agreed in the contract.

If you have larger cargo that is to be transported outside of our flight program to Arvidsjaur and to destinations worldwide, you have several types of aircraft at your disposal. Just use our request form Freight and we will set up a customized offer as soon as possible. Even ad-hoc shipments can be carried out quickly and easily by us and our affiliated partners worldwide.

Since the headquater of FlyCar GmbH is at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, we would suggest that you ship your freight via Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. We have also set the rates of transportation of our shipping company under charter and freight tariffs (fares) on the internet. Of course, you can also bring your own freight to the airport tap or another airport we offer.

We have all types of aircraft available on the market. The aircraft can be used everywhere and can be used for any distance or arrival airport. Attention: No oily spare parts may be taken on charter flights.