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"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans..." [John Lennon]

After a turbulent winter season 2019/2020, which was ultimately shaped by global events, the FlyCar team would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the solidarity and trust of all cooperation partners, friends and supporters. Even in difficult times we were able to find out what it means to work together towards the same goal and create joint solutions.

And we are sure that as a strong team we will also overcome the future hurdles. On both, the Swedish and the German side, the positive response is unbroken. We draw strength and courage from this for the hard times ahead and wish all colleagues strong nerves!

The FlyCar team will do everything that is possible to work on the future and hopes to see you again in winter 2020/2021 - meanwhile we support the slogan: #stayhome #stayhealthy – take care everyone!

Best regards,
the FlyCar team

20 years of FlyCar flights to Lapland

What started with a couple of flight connections from two German airports to Arvidsjaur in winter season 1998/1999, has until now developed into an internationally operating charter flight company with a great tradition. No matter if it’s guests from the car testing industry, driving experiences or winter tourism, FlyCar is your trusted partner for individual flight requests ex/to Scandinavia.

A direct connection to the arctic circle

The history of FlyCar started in 1997, when engineers and mechanics from leading German automotive companies met at a round table in Frankfurt/Main airport. The central focus of the meeting was a presentation about a direct flight connection from Germany to the Scandinavian winter test tracks far up north in Swedish Lapland. Approximately 50 authorities were listening to the ideas of the FlyCar board members at this point. The audience realized quickly, that this flight connection was the solution for the transportation problem the automotive industry was suffering from. As regular flight connections via Stockholm often took more than 48 hours, thanks to the direct flight connections offered by FlyCar, the travelling time required was reduced to approx. 3 hours, which means to be highly resource-saving.

Winter is our passion

With a 20-year-experience in aviation, we as FlyCar, offer holistic customer support – beginning with individual consulting and tailor-made quotations. Besides a distinctive service manner, we also place great value on personal contact with our clients. The development of new product ideas, new target groups and new sales channels in coordination with all partners is also of great importance, but above all, our guideline has always been and will always be to offer safe and on-time services.

20 years of FlyCar – time to say THANK YOU

The company FlyCar today looks back on two decades of moving corporate history. Like in every good story, there where ups and downs. Therefore, it’s time to thank all companions, supporters, cooperation partners and friends, who made their ways side by side with us. Here's to 20 more years of successful cooperation!

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